By the time you’re reading this post I’ll be in China already. However, a week or two ago I went home to visit my parents near Monterrey Bay. The day my parents picked me up, we saw a family of deer outside of my apartment window. Right on the street! Back in Minnesota, we could only see deer in the woods and they rarely visited yards (except for delicious feasts on our poor rose buds). Therefore, I was astonished to see them near an almost urban Berkeley campus. Perhaps they feast on the Rose Garden two blocks away? Roses definitely are delicious. Remind me to post a recipe for rose petal jam.

Anyways, one day as I was sitting at home writing my resume and doing other miscellaneous tasks….I felt the urge to visit the ocean. Why? Because the grumbling in my stomach reminded me of ocean waves hitting the beach. So I thought, why not bring dinner to the beach? It’s so nearby. I arranged the menu:
1. Steamed Rice (of course)
2. Yu Xiang Eggplant (Eggplant, garlic, onion, ginger, sezchuan sauce)
3. And…what else? We have two eggs left, some old green beans and apricots, strawberries, mangos…fruit galore!
I thought, apricots seem like they would taste well with the egg, and also look like the egg. I could beat the eggs with the scooped out insides of the ripest apricot in the bunch.
That is exactly what I did:

Apricot Egg and Peas:
1) Remove peas from beans
2) Beat eggs with apricot
3) Stir fry beans, adding salt, sugar and some water
4) When beans are soft, use medium heat and stir fry egg and apricots with mixture.

Eat and discover how well apricots bring out the savory flavor of egg and peas.

Enjoy a beautiful night by the ocean!