Greetings my friends!

I am writing to you from a computer in a conference room on the 4th floor of Nanjing First Affilliated Hospital. It’s been around 36 Celsius the past few days. If you’re wondering, 36-37 Celsius is the normal body temperature of a human being. That means I’ve been walking around in temperatures around 98 degrees F. It’s been humid and hot, but it hasn’t really been bothering me that much.

Thankfully, there is AC in this room. Otherwise, I’d surely faint of dehydration. My glasses would probably fog over, making it difficult for me to type this post.

I’ve been shopping for incredibly cheap buys, and holding an English course for graduate students. I’ll be getting some photos up for tonight, but who knows – I might be getting a haircut with my aunt.

The most interesting I experienced yesterday afternoon was visiting a Pizza Hut in China for the first time. The menu was exquisite, and unlimited. There were some very interesting combinations as well. I also did not see the ever popular cheese pizza on the menu. Everything was “supreme” since people want to get their money’s worth. It’s pretty expensive pizza I think!

There were appetizers that ranged from french fries to escargot. I had a plate of the latter, and it tasted surprisingly delicious. If anything, they might as well become Escargot Hut someday and I will support the name change. There was also an odd order of Seafood Supreme which consisted of sashimi salmon, wasabi (criss crossed all over the pizza like ketchup and sweet sauce! Ahh!), Octopus, crabmeat and various other seafood. I’d have ordered it for shear experimentation if my aunt had not been allergic to it. (Not to mention, it was also pretty pricey).

We had “The Works” which was a crustless square pizza, and it was quite exquisite!