Today I am going to give you a photographic tour of my recent adventures in China.

Foremost, a favorite photograph of mine taken today by my friend Fang Fang (pronounced “fahn”). This photo is of my aunt’s Collie, Polo, and I. I bought the dress with my aunt two days ago, and it is just so adorable. We’re at my friend’s neighborhood in a gazebo within her shared garden. It’s a beautiful district, the temperature being just cool enough to keep from sweating.

However, we noticed some major doggy saliva demonstration. Note the droplets lining his lips.

I’ve also added some photographs of Pizza Hut and their delicious escargot to the previous entry. My favorite photo of food during the trip has to be the “bing tang” plums! They are usually “bing tang” asian cranberries, but this time they are plums (green on the outside and blood-red on the inside! Beautiful!). My aunt and I usually prefer the cranberry and kiwi alternating combination (it’s kind of like a fruit kebab, caramelized and cooled). But due to our stroke of adventure, we chanced to taste the most refreshing plums I’ve ever had. I love this photo because my aunt is wearing a very traditionally patterned shirt, and it contrasts perfectly with the color of the plum dessert/snack.

I’ve managed to do some cooking and learning while I’m here. My grandmother taught me a dish involving a type of fermented vegetable and a variety of meat. I will post the recipe sometime when I return to the states. Today, I baked a Pillsbury cake with an oven. The oven had their temperatures set in Celsius, so while I thought “250” meant degrees Fahrenheit, I had accidentally burnt the cake in 5 minutes with the unlabeled oven at 250 degrees Celsius. Oops. It turned out alright though, considering it was also the first time I made mousse. My friend’s mother had bought it in the US a year ago.

Finally, as my aunt and I went shopping we’d always run across fields of children blocking the stairways. They were the children of the wholesale shop owners in a wholesale commercial center (Lots of items at a very low price). And since this is after all still a bento blog I include a photograph of metal bento boxes. These are very plain, but classic. I’ve seen workers use them when I was a little child. These are even better because they have two layers inside, with all materials made of stainless steel. The sound made by a metal spoon clanking against these boxes have always been very appetizing for me. Maybe it’s because incredible aromas have always erupted from these bentos at the hungriest hours in my childhood.

Stay in tune for more photos from my trip!