Dear friends!

As I type, my fingers are cooled by the “hua lu shui” in the joints between my fingers. I am nearing my last few days solo-treking in Nanjing. I visited a psychiatric hospital today, which is like a normal hospital but with patients of OCD, depression, sleep disorders and other mental disorders. It resembles a hospital, inside and out. They do EEG and CS Scan testing. I introduced that they can use laughter therapy as a patient activity (since they have Tai Chi classes and relaxation sessions).

In a few days, I will be in Shanghai where I will pick up my good friend Olivia. She’s such a traveler that she’s coming here from Spain! My friend Lei Ma of Stanford University will also be in the area since he is interning with National Instruments. His friends and him might show us around the area, and my friend Xiao Yan Zi (Little Sparrow) will also be showing my friend and I around.

Tomorrow, I’m visiting my grandparents. I will be in Suzhou on my way to Shanghai staying at Sofitel, showing around a young man from America. I’ll be traveling with my aunt and the chief of ob/gyn department from the first affiliated hospital in Nanjing.

I will update more soon. It’s very hot here, and halter tops are not accepted. I went swimming today in a two piece, in a very crowded pool! This pattern of inappropriate clothing shall probably occur for the remainder of my trip. No photos from the pool, since water is unfortunately not camera friendly.