Making a visit to Rungis International Food Market, the largest in Europe!Making a visit to Rungis International Food Market, the largest in Europe!

Do you think it’s a sign if it hails outside my window the instant I touch the keyboard to begin telling you about the tour I took today of the La Poste factory for Coliposte? Really, let’s not be too dramatic here shall we?

Because photos were officially prohibited as we entered the factory, what I’m about to tell you is top-secret… well not really haha. But brief description: An extremely large warehouse with a labyrinth of blue conveyor belts and chutes. Quite impressive actually.

I’ve been very lucky to have had the chance to visit so many facilities with Foodco lately. The founders of Foodco, Jean-Francois and Olivier, invited me along to an experimental tour of the factory where Coliposte packages from France are sorted, categorized and sent to their national or international destinations. As visiting clients, we were given VIP toe-protectors before entering the sorting center ;) . Below you can see a photo of us with our FoodCo package (to test the sturdiness of our packaging) and snazzy protective shoes…

Me at Foodco Touring Coliposte with Foodco

The workers place parcels on conveyor belts that send up the packages to other workers who scan the codes on the parcels. Then the conveyor belt calculates, yes – calculates, the speed at which to send the packages so they land precisely with a well-aimed shot onto a specific scanner plate. Then the packages all go through a red scanning light station before the plates tip the boxes over at exactly the right point so the parcel slides down an incline just to drop violently into specific baskets labeled for different destinations. Wine, internet orders, FNAC orders, etc…you name it!

As a last word of advice – they told me to “Watch out for la grêle” on my way out because it was so hot today that the weathermen predicted hail. And come full circle, as I am telling you about this – it hails.

P.S. This weekend, a big group of  Intrax’s Interns are visiting Dublin, Ireland! I wish I could go (and afford it on the longer term) – But the world is infinite in two ways: globally and locally. Thus, I am going to entertain myself in the local direction by taking advantage of Paris, visit Versaille and the Antique market at Porte Clignancourt. I am visiting to Toulon next weekend… followed by London, Belgium, Amsterdam, and Croatia before going to Bordeaux so I will have plenty yet to see!