Hello Everyone,

I have just finished my trip in London and I am staying with Michel and Weixin in Paris for a day before I continue my trip to Belgium, Amsterdam, and Croatia. Michel left me with the following homemade recipe of his delicious pastry pie which I had last time so that I can translate it and share the recipe with the rest of you to get a sense of real French home cooking!

Duck Confit and Porcini Mushroom Pastry Pie)

Duck Confit and Porcini Pastry

Ingredients :
1 round feuilletée dough
1 box of twice-cooke confit de conard
300 grams of frozen porcini musrooms or dried porcini to soak.
peanut oil
1 egg yolk

Strip the meat of the cooked duck and remove the skin, bones and fat.
Fry in oil the pre-thawed frozen porcini mushrooms or soaked dried porcini mushrooms with chopped parsley and two cloves of crushed garlic. Salt and pepper lightly.

Heat in the oven at 210°C or 420°F according to the system they use here (thermostat 7)

Open the dough and place the duck meat in the middle leaving a 2cm margin on the border of the pastry dough. Place the fried porcinis on top and sprinkle with the juice left over from cooking the porcini.
Mix the egg yolk with a few drops of water. With the help of a brush, brush some egg yolk on the border of the dough. Fold the other part of the pastry dough to make a half moon shape. Join and push on the border with a fork. Place in a pastry dish.

Paint the pastry with the rest of the egg yolk.
Bake for 45 to 50 minutes. As soon as the pastry is golden brown, remove and cover with aluminum foil and serve.