Car Shopping with FoodCoCar Shopping with FoodCo

Life was back to “normal” the week I returned from Toulon. At work, my company bought a company minivan and we visited Rungis several times to search for better packaging material.

In the middle of the week, Mathilde and I took an afternoon off from our normal dinner routine to relax and people watch with a pitcher of rose at a circle of bustling cafes near the Pantheon. As we walked around the Pantheon – once a church and now a famous burial place – we passed by Le Coup Chou, a restaurant I remember visiting with friends three years ago when I visited Paris for a few days with my highschool French program.

As the end of the week rolled along, everyone dispersed two by two to take advantage of our last weekend in Paris. Carrie and Kinleigh traveled to the nearby country of Luxembourg where they had a weekend of kayaking, intense mountain biking (27 km!) and incredible natural views. Mathilde and Jin took a trip to visit Brussels where Jin’s friends awaited. Haitham and Hibba both had visiting family or friends while Alana and Heather debarked on a trip to Nice and the south of France.

Chris and Escargot

Left in Paris was Chris and I, who wanted to enjoy Paris one last time. Friday night, after a morning of sleeping in and exercise, we met up in the center of the city to go souvenir shopping and enjoy a calm evening in the Latin Quarter. Braving claustrophobia, we sat down for a menu formule and some delicious escargot! Voila, our first dish of snail in Paris, France… fresh from the Seine river (I’m just kidding).

After dinner, we were entertained by some street performances that afternoon as we walked to the metro. I also had to prepare for my adventure the next morning since I had ordered a fast train ticket to join in on one of the excursions with Mathilde and Jin.

Eating at Coq HardiEating at Coq Hardi

Sunday morning, I arranged to meet Mathilde and Jin to join them on their week-end excursion in Lille, France. We walked all over Lille where the center of town is about which is the size of a large university campus. From one corner of town to the other, it takes about 15 minutes of walking. Every restaurant was labeled “Ch’ti”. Charles de Gaul was born in Lille, and we walked on the street where he was born. After visiting the old stock exchange center where men were playing chess among antique book collectors, we ate moule a la meuniere at Coq Hardi as the sun set. Time felt so slow in Lille, so the weekend excursion was incredibly relaxing.

*Bonus video clip of How to eat Moule Meuniere, presented by Jin.*