Our last few days in Paris passed by quickly.

Finally, to celebrate a productive summer, our last Global Skills Training took place as a picnic on Pont des Arts. Our supervisor Frances invited her Parisien friends and we were able to mingle over a very gourmet picnic!

Frances and her interns at Pont neufFrances and her interns at Pont neuf

En plus, as the French would say, our group took one last look at Paris together on a riverboat through the Seine river.  We had a final dinner organized by the interns at La Fondue de Refuges so we can satisfy our craving for more cheesy fondue avec baby bottle wine one last time. This was a week of feasting, since our next meal was going to be rather luxurious.

As grand finale to our summer together, Intrax organized a dinner through Frances’ recommendation. Right next to the Eiffel Tower, we experienced a full multi-course French gourmet meal at Maison Blanche located on the Rue de Montaigne. We had a variety of high quality wine to select from and a menu consisting of dark chocolate coated foie gras, lamb and sole risotto as well as a beautiful chocolate and cream dessert.

The next few days I will be preparing for the coming vacation in London, Belgium, Amsterdam and Croatia before my semester at Bordeaux begins.

Cheers, or shall we say, Chin chin!?