*Note – adventures in France (many cities), Morocco, Barcelona, Shanghai World Expo, Fujian, Chengdu etc… to be filled in within the near future after I return to the US to retrieve my travel notebook.

Please forgive me – at least a year has passed and much has happened. Let me first just jot down what happened tonight before I allow this to slip by as well.

Upon my arrival in Beijing I dove head first into the expat scene in the city, searching friendships and career inspiration. Tonight was potentially another epic highlight of my experience in Beijing so far.

The crowd of socialites and smiling friendly conversationalists always bring a glow to my heart as I browse through old familiar faces and new introductions. Each time I discover someone else more interesting than the next. This time – I accidentally bumped into a very old friend.

Doing my rounds and facing the crowd of unknowns with a few close friends, a finger from a nearby couch pointed at me and a young man said “YOU, I KNOW YOU.”  Shockingly enough – I did know him. He was an old family friend from Minnesota and we hadn’t seen each other since he left San Francisco much earlier that year. I did not even know he was in Beijing.

These are the magical moments that help define the size of the world. Cheers.