Have you ever wondered how to convert video games and other online platforms from models of intangible reality into interactive models that allow users to directly influence actual events in tangible reality?

Here are some examples of digitally interactive reality:

1) The Girl Store: http://www.the-girl-store.org/
A creative way to encourage easy affordable donations by rewarding donors immediate gratification through visually allowing the donors to see the change they’ve implicated on a girl’s life.

Purchase school books, pencils and other necessities for a girl.

2) The Santa Claw: http://www.thesantaclaw.com
A masterpiece of the Real Art Design group, this over sized claw machine can be remotely controlled by participants around the world through this online platform and it’s prizes are shipped right to your home!

Waiting in line for the claw machine.

What’s next?

Remotely growing your own garden? Remotely choosing your own fresh vegetables from the grocery store, to be shipped to you on Amazon? What about when Virtual World currencies compete with real ones, like those QQ dollars? (http://gigaom.com/2006/12/10/virtual-world-currency-deflates-a-real-one/)

The tangible is beginning to mix more with the intangible, and I’m excited to see this area of incredible potential used wisely as our ideas continue evolving.