Hello friends!

I have been gone on vacation for the Chinese New Years in Jiangsu Province and haven’t had time to re-connect with MeiThoughts since my return last week. Here I am again!

My Chinese New Year this year was a foggy mixture of back-to-back dining, reunions, “ya shui qian” and fireworks. This year of the rabbit has been quite a treat for me since I met 40 more members of the Mei clan who I had mostly not met before. Who’d ever guess that my ancestors were descendants of Mei Wen Ding, the reknown Chinese astronomer and math instructor of Emperor Kangxi? I have returned with some artifacts/ancient photos and been sent on a mission to reconnect history with the present.

The elders have been the main seekers of this past… which leads me to ask you all a very curious question: Why do you think our backgrounds hold such importance for some of us?


Mei elders examining an old photograph together