We have been out of touch, my friend. I have been too busy traveling around and creating stories to write my updates and I’m sincerely sorry for the neglect I’ve placed upon you.

Today was St. Patrick’s day and after my work day (yes, I now work in Beijing), I went to another all-universities event at the Molly Malone bar on the ground floor of the Legendale Hotel. Although the event was hosted by Boston Colleges, I was invited by the Stanford alum community’s organizer. I met many interesting people… such as a Beida history professor and the director of the IPTV business, Umiwi.com.

Tomorrow’s a friend’s birthday and Saturday I have a hutong tour followed by dinner with some friends and this Sunday my home is hosting a party for my kungfu class.

There are many ideas roaming around this town….my head and thoughts are in a mess! I hope I have time to arrange them sometime soon! 🙂

Cheers to serendipity!