Last year August was when I decided to stay longer in Beijing to study Chinese, and after spending some time as a Beijing socialite I decided to enter the global PR industry.

As of now, I’m working at The Hoffman Agency in Beijing. Hoffman is a founder-based global public relations agency based in Silicon Valley, emphasizing the power of story telling for our clients ranging from Tech giants such as PayPal and Google… all the way to Simmons bed mattresses, the Continuum design company, and so on.

As you know, getting the right media access from China requires some ninja skills so it’s been an experience re-starting this blog up again in order to help me organize my ideas, thoughts and people.

I realize I have been using my blog before to record my travel adventures. Now that I’ve entered the global network of movers and shakers, I realize everyday is a travel adventure! And since the greatest adventures I’ve found are through the people I met, I’d like to make this blog’s new focus on people. People with ideas, people with potential, people making life meaningful (I hope I can help others achieve that as well!)

Making life meaningful is part of my own life goal so I hope to share how I do it with my readers here so that you can enjoy the journey with me!

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