I’d like to highlight a recent successful event I helped put together as the designated events manager.

A big Thank You to Alan Lee for posting photos and details of the event on his blog.

Resonance: Music, Images and Wine from Australia

The Evening:

In a 600 year old Confucian temple, 150 people gathered in the foyer and enjoyed some Australian wine while waiting in anticipation for the event of the night. Vegan catering from Veggie Table busily replenished their quickly disappearing plate of delicious vegan muffins, hummus, mushroom balls, falafels and galore.

Out of nowhere a group of musical voices appear from the distance, entering the foyer as the door to the temple itself opens. Entering the cool, darkened temple where a mysterious resonating bell-like melody flows from a black grand piano in the middle of the stage. As the singers flow in with their enchanting voices, the audience eagerly followed them into the temple itself ready for a performance of the evening. Then silence. A filled house and a ready stage. The audience looked up.

Upon the wall was a projection of vibrant colorful images one after the next as the music transitioned through a journey taking the audience through time and the history of emotions leading to the Australia as it is today. A string-tugging ending note from the talented local violist, Zhang Miao.

Intermission and return.

Some with seats, some without. Music, piano… a powerful chorus to end the evening by the International Festival Choir and friends.

By the end of the performance, dusk had begun to set and the moon was barely out. The hidden hutong temple was spilling with excitement for a beautiful evening spent.

A wonderful end to the Year of Australian Culture in China, with sponsorship by the Australian Embassy.

Note: This event could not have been possible without the efforts of so many people, and the great turn-out was attributed to a contribution of efforts with several Australian networks (including the Australian Embassy, Australia China Alumni Association and many personal friends)