7 day public holiday this week: Saturday to Friday. We return to work on Saturday in time for a 7 day work week!

How did I take advantage of this 7 day week? Rest, catch up, and go to the gym. Why didn’t I go anywhere? It’s nice not to go anywhere for a while. In any case, I’m already somewhere!

What stories do I have this week?

1) My housemate Peter went on FeiChengWuRao http://fcwr.jstv.com/
2) I met the other contestants on the show afterwards and had drinks at Xiu, where one of them poured the Canadian Club over my shoes in a failed attempt to pull off the  “I’m drinking, but no one knows I’m not because I’m pouring it out” trick.
3)  We showed a good friend around town, but missed going to Beihai Park :(.
4) I found a new apartment!  It’s twice the size of my room! It’s good. Time for a fresh start.
5) I’m preparing a training about what PR agencies can do be more useful for News agencies.

Time to register as a foreigner tomorrow morning, and go to the gym.

Here’s to finishing the training slides tonight and creating a new Chinese flashcard deck on my itouch.

And that is all! I’ll be in town in New York on Jan 4-6. The idea is to expand my global network. Follow thy gut.