Hello 2012 and soon the year of the Dragon!

I was back in the US for the holidays, visiting family in Las Vegas and passing a few days in New York to meet up with friends/make some connections. Now I’m back in Beijing again to face 2012.

Let’s start out with some resolutions for the new year now that we’re wiser, shall we?


1) To keep living true to myself from here on out.

2) Toast to my health! Exercise, Eat and Nurture the spirit

3) Learn more: Read more, now that I have a Kindle. And improve my Chinese! My new Chinese blog is at meithoughts.blogbus.com

4) Blog more. Let’s keep this up.

5) Live more: Participate more with the community, International Festival Chorus (http://www.beijingifc.org/) or MakeSense (http://we.makesense.org/)
Work more with CYJO for her projects.

6) Travel more: There’s talk of a trip to Tibet in October with a group of friends!

7) Save more: I should have surplus – l am going to plan my budget better this year!

I never until today really fully appreciated the concept of setting resolutions…I always thought they’d be set only to be broken. However, I have it down now. My resolutions aren’t big, as they are things I’ve been doing already. Writing them down just helps me visualize them better. It’s like that one psychological experiment they did with visualizing results. The group that visualized and drew the path to the career center were more likely to visit it verses the group that only signed a pact saying that they will visit the career center.

The next step would then be to draw that path with the goal in mind…and doing it.

P.S. I actually enjoy jet lag to an extent – it’s a magical and strange form of coffee.