Overdue update, but the reaction from my spontaneous giving of flowers on Valentine’s Day was immense. I warmed up by giving flowers to the garbage man, the traffic men and women, and other service workers. They were appreciative and graceful in accepting my flowers. Young ladies generally tended to be shy and confused. They all needed some convincing.

My friend and I handed flowers to businessmen in the elevator and one was so overwhelmed by the gesture that he managed to get his bag stuck to the elevator.

Then later that evening, I handed my last daisy to a woman picking up bottles and trash at Sanlitun.

As we left, I turned back to look. She was holding out the flower, smiling and standing quietly while staring at the flower.


Most recently, I attended a fashion party by Uggs at quite a nice venue -it was held at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing (


At the party, I met a friendly guy who worked at, the general manager of Hotel G in Beijing, and a lovely actress named Yubai Zhang ( I’m having a lot of luck making polygot friends who speak English, French and Chinese lately – and they’re always amazing young women who have great energy.

I do have a thought about these three languages though: How useful they are going to be! English is of course, the international language, a given. Chinese will be an incredibly useful language as China emerges as a major player, and French – besides speaking with the French-Europeans in France, Switzerland, Belgium and so on – is also quite an important language in the content of Africa. China has already begun to pay attention to Africa, harboring relations and such. I’m thinking it might be the next frontier. On the subject of languages – Spanish and Portuguese are becoming appealing, as I hear Brazil calling my name…am I being irrational and overly ambitious? I do hope to visit the continent of South American however, and while I’m there I’d like to visit Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni to cross off another item of my bucket list.  Kenya and Ghana will be next on the list as well. Thailand might also be sooner than I think…hmmm.

Anyways! I also had a wonderful time at a Valentine’s Day party this weekend – meeting attractive young people with few fun-loving lady friends of mine.

As such, although I do not expect receiving anything this year… why not plan to give a little? I have thus decided to continue my old tradition of performing random acts of kindness – giving out flowers to complete strangers just for the kicks of making them happy!  

More details to come in the next post after I experience my day…but here’s a preview:


I recently visited Nanjing and Shanghai during Chinese New Year, and I was able to see many of my friends and family members. My family told me, on this trip, that my great grandparents were once the original investors of the Shanghainese restaurant, 录扬村 绿杨村! Phew! All the holiday eating has made me swell in the middle a bit – time to whip out my new year’s resolutions!

Last week, I climbed the stairs up to my 21st floor office after lunch. Surprisingly it didn’t take too long, and I also found that our building was missing several floor numbers. t think I will be doing that every day after lunch! I’m also quite sore today from going on a ski trip yesterday with a group of 30 people. We could see the Great Wall at the ski resort, and I skied down the steepest slope twice! I had excellent coaching from a friend who grew up skiing in Switzerland. I had been stuck at the bunny hop, limited by my lack of boldness, but with some encouragement he saw that I could handle the challenge and I was happy to have succeeded! Maybe this is a sign of a bigger pattern in my life…hmmm.

Oh and actually, there was an even steeper slope available that requires you to sign a waiver before going down haha.

Most recently, a new friend I met presented me with the coolest bag I had ever seen. She happened to have two bags by the designer Jump from Paper. Out of the blue, she says “Do you want one? I have another one. Here, have it.”

It’s a 3-dimensional bag (a.k.a. a real bag) with an image of a 2-dimensional bag. It’s from the Charmer collection, and it’s named “Bonjour!” Looks like I need to take this Taiwanese-designed bag for a walk in Paris :). It’s also perfect for my macbook air!

Take a look yourself: (Below girl is not me!)

creating and abandonning so many different blogs under different names.
I’m considering I should just congregate all my activities to this blog, so look out!

Location: Beijing, China

Have you ever wondered how to convert video games and other online platforms from models of intangible reality into interactive models that allow users to directly influence actual events in tangible reality?

Here are some examples of digitally interactive reality:

1) The Girl Store:
A creative way to encourage easy affordable donations by rewarding donors immediate gratification through visually allowing the donors to see the change they’ve implicated on a girl’s life.

Purchase school books, pencils and other necessities for a girl.

2) The Santa Claw:
A masterpiece of the Real Art Design group, this over sized claw machine can be remotely controlled by participants around the world through this online platform and it’s prizes are shipped right to your home!

Waiting in line for the claw machine.

What’s next?

Remotely growing your own garden? Remotely choosing your own fresh vegetables from the grocery store, to be shipped to you on Amazon? What about when Virtual World currencies compete with real ones, like those QQ dollars? (

The tangible is beginning to mix more with the intangible, and I’m excited to see this area of incredible potential used wisely as our ideas continue evolving.