Overdue update, but the reaction from my spontaneous giving of flowers on Valentine’s Day was immense. I warmed up by giving flowers to the garbage man, the traffic men and women, and other service workers. They were appreciative and graceful in accepting my flowers. Young ladies generally tended to be shy and confused. They all needed some convincing.

My friend and I handed flowers to businessmen in the elevator and one was so overwhelmed by the gesture that he managed to get his bag stuck to the elevator.

Then later that evening, I handed my last daisy to a woman picking up bottles and trash at Sanlitun.

As we left, I turned back to look. She was holding out the flower, smiling and standing quietly while staring at the flower.


Forgive my absence. I have some catching up to do.

In March, my friend the owner of passed away in a tragic accident off the Virgin Islands:

I’ve been meaning to share this story for a while, but never quite felt comfortable with the idea until now.
At the beginning of Elissa’s trip to Paris, I was introduced to her via a friend…and happily shared with her my network of wonderful people in France. We also kept in touch, and followed each others’ blogs-away-from-home. Her photo of the French windows of her apartment in Le Marais, my photo of the French windows of an apartment in le Marais. From a distance, we knew we shared the same type of energy that good people share.

Not long afterwards, her husband and her generously offered their home to traveling friends of mine who were passing through Paris. What was originally meant to be a short trip turned out to be a longer stay as they too discovered that they shared the same type of energy that good people share together.

Shortly after, Elissa’s accident shocked us all. Shortly after that, some other good people left our lives too.

Blog entries are for reflection. Lately, I’ve been distracting myself with moving forward.

I’m glad to be back today. I have a lot to share with you.

Most recently, I attended a fashion party by Uggs at quite a nice venue -it was held at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing (


At the party, I met a friendly guy who worked at, the general manager of Hotel G in Beijing, and a lovely actress named Yubai Zhang ( I’m having a lot of luck making polygot friends who speak English, French and Chinese lately – and they’re always amazing young women who have great energy.

I do have a thought about these three languages though: How useful they are going to be! English is of course, the international language, a given. Chinese will be an incredibly useful language as China emerges as a major player, and French – besides speaking with the French-Europeans in France, Switzerland, Belgium and so on – is also quite an important language in the content of Africa. China has already begun to pay attention to Africa, harboring relations and such. I’m thinking it might be the next frontier. On the subject of languages – Spanish and Portuguese are becoming appealing, as I hear Brazil calling my name…am I being irrational and overly ambitious? I do hope to visit the continent of South American however, and while I’m there I’d like to visit Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni to cross off another item of my bucket list.  Kenya and Ghana will be next on the list as well. Thailand might also be sooner than I think…hmmm.

Anyways! I also had a wonderful time at a Valentine’s Day party this weekend – meeting attractive young people with few fun-loving lady friends of mine.

As such, although I do not expect receiving anything this year… why not plan to give a little? I have thus decided to continue my old tradition of performing random acts of kindness – giving out flowers to complete strangers just for the kicks of making them happy!  

More details to come in the next post after I experience my day…but here’s a preview:


This morning, as I was looking up Scott Thompson (who is going to take Mr. Yang’s place at Yahoo), I ran into this message:

This afternoon as I was doing a regular visit to the jayisgames blog, I ran into this:

Finally, as I caught on…I anticipated the following wordpress homepage as I ran into this on my way here to write this post:

Here are some more:

Want to learn more about SOPA?
(That still works, of course)

Last year August was when I decided to stay longer in Beijing to study Chinese, and after spending some time as a Beijing socialite I decided to enter the global PR industry.

As of now, I’m working at The Hoffman Agency in Beijing. Hoffman is a founder-based global public relations agency based in Silicon Valley, emphasizing the power of story telling for our clients ranging from Tech giants such as PayPal and Google… all the way to Simmons bed mattresses, the Continuum design company, and so on.

As you know, getting the right media access from China requires some ninja skills so it’s been an experience re-starting this blog up again in order to help me organize my ideas, thoughts and people.

I realize I have been using my blog before to record my travel adventures. Now that I’ve entered the global network of movers and shakers, I realize everyday is a travel adventure! And since the greatest adventures I’ve found are through the people I met, I’d like to make this blog’s new focus on people. People with ideas, people with potential, people making life meaningful (I hope I can help others achieve that as well!)

Making life meaningful is part of my own life goal so I hope to share how I do it with my readers here so that you can enjoy the journey with me!

If you follow me on Twitter or Sina Weibo, you be updated on my latest blog entries as I will be connecting back to them.

My Chinese Twitter (Sina Weibo): 

Hello friends!

I have been gone on vacation for the Chinese New Years in Jiangsu Province and haven’t had time to re-connect with MeiThoughts since my return last week. Here I am again!

My Chinese New Year this year was a foggy mixture of back-to-back dining, reunions, “ya shui qian” and fireworks. This year of the rabbit has been quite a treat for me since I met 40 more members of the Mei clan who I had mostly not met before. Who’d ever guess that my ancestors were descendants of Mei Wen Ding, the reknown Chinese astronomer and math instructor of Emperor Kangxi? I have returned with some artifacts/ancient photos and been sent on a mission to reconnect history with the present.

The elders have been the main seekers of this past… which leads me to ask you all a very curious question: Why do you think our backgrounds hold such importance for some of us?


Mei elders examining an old photograph together