Hello 2012 and soon the year of the Dragon!

I was back in the US for the holidays, visiting family in Las Vegas and passing a few days in New York to meet up with friends/make some connections. Now I’m back in Beijing again to face 2012.

Let’s start out with some resolutions for the new year now that we’re wiser, shall we?


1) To keep living true to myself from here on out.

2) Toast to my health! Exercise, Eat and Nurture the spirit

3) Learn more: Read more, now that I have a Kindle. And improve my Chinese! My new Chinese blog is at meithoughts.blogbus.com

4) Blog more. Let’s keep this up.

5) Live more: Participate more with the community, International Festival Chorus (http://www.beijingifc.org/) or MakeSense (http://we.makesense.org/)
Work more with CYJO for her projects.

6) Travel more: There’s talk of a trip to Tibet in October with a group of friends!

7) Save more: I should have surplus – l am going to plan my budget better this year!

I never until today really fully appreciated the concept of setting resolutions…I always thought they’d be set only to be broken. However, I have it down now. My resolutions aren’t big, as they are things I’ve been doing already. Writing them down just helps me visualize them better. It’s like that one psychological experiment they did with visualizing results. The group that visualized and drew the path to the career center were more likely to visit it verses the group that only signed a pact saying that they will visit the career center.

The next step would then be to draw that path with the goal in mind…and doing it.

P.S. I actually enjoy jet lag to an extent – it’s a magical and strange form of coffee.


7 day public holiday this week: Saturday to Friday. We return to work on Saturday in time for a 7 day work week!

How did I take advantage of this 7 day week? Rest, catch up, and go to the gym. Why didn’t I go anywhere? It’s nice not to go anywhere for a while. In any case, I’m already somewhere!

What stories do I have this week?

1) My housemate Peter went on FeiChengWuRao http://fcwr.jstv.com/
2) I met the other contestants on the show afterwards and had drinks at Xiu, where one of them poured the Canadian Club over my shoes in a failed attempt to pull off the  “I’m drinking, but no one knows I’m not because I’m pouring it out” trick.
3)  We showed a good friend around town, but missed going to Beihai Park :(.
4) I found a new apartment!  It’s twice the size of my room! It’s good. Time for a fresh start.
5) I’m preparing a training about what PR agencies can do be more useful for News agencies.

Time to register as a foreigner tomorrow morning, and go to the gym.

Here’s to finishing the training slides tonight and creating a new Chinese flashcard deck on my itouch.

And that is all! I’ll be in town in New York on Jan 4-6. The idea is to expand my global network. Follow thy gut.




I’d like to highlight a recent successful event I helped put together as the designated events manager.

A big Thank You to Alan Lee for posting photos and details of the event on his blog.

Resonance: Music, Images and Wine from Australia

The Evening:

In a 600 year old Confucian temple, 150 people gathered in the foyer and enjoyed some Australian wine while waiting in anticipation for the event of the night. Vegan catering from Veggie Table busily replenished their quickly disappearing plate of delicious vegan muffins, hummus, mushroom balls, falafels and galore.

Out of nowhere a group of musical voices appear from the distance, entering the foyer as the door to the temple itself opens. Entering the cool, darkened temple where a mysterious resonating bell-like melody flows from a black grand piano in the middle of the stage. As the singers flow in with their enchanting voices, the audience eagerly followed them into the temple itself ready for a performance of the evening. Then silence. A filled house and a ready stage. The audience looked up.

Upon the wall was a projection of vibrant colorful images one after the next as the music transitioned through a journey taking the audience through time and the history of emotions leading to the Australia as it is today. A string-tugging ending note from the talented local violist, Zhang Miao.

Intermission and return.

Some with seats, some without. Music, piano… a powerful chorus to end the evening by the International Festival Choir and friends.

By the end of the performance, dusk had begun to set and the moon was barely out. The hidden hutong temple was spilling with excitement for a beautiful evening spent.

A wonderful end to the Year of Australian Culture in China, with sponsorship by the Australian Embassy.

Note: This event could not have been possible without the efforts of so many people, and the great turn-out was attributed to a contribution of efforts with several Australian networks (including the Australian Embassy, Australia China Alumni Association and many personal friends)

Last year August was when I decided to stay longer in Beijing to study Chinese, and after spending some time as a Beijing socialite I decided to enter the global PR industry.

As of now, I’m working at The Hoffman Agency in Beijing. Hoffman is a founder-based global public relations agency based in Silicon Valley, emphasizing the power of story telling for our clients ranging from Tech giants such as PayPal and Google… all the way to Simmons bed mattresses, the Continuum design company, and so on.

As you know, getting the right media access from China requires some ninja skills so it’s been an experience re-starting this blog up again in order to help me organize my ideas, thoughts and people.

I realize I have been using my blog before to record my travel adventures. Now that I’ve entered the global network of movers and shakers, I realize everyday is a travel adventure! And since the greatest adventures I’ve found are through the people I met, I’d like to make this blog’s new focus on people. People with ideas, people with potential, people making life meaningful (I hope I can help others achieve that as well!)

Making life meaningful is part of my own life goal so I hope to share how I do it with my readers here so that you can enjoy the journey with me!

If you follow me on Twitter or Sina Weibo, you be updated on my latest blog entries as I will be connecting back to them.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/MeiThoughts
My Chinese Twitter (Sina Weibo): http://weibo.com/meithoughts 

We have been out of touch, my friend. I have been too busy traveling around and creating stories to write my updates and I’m sincerely sorry for the neglect I’ve placed upon you.

Today was St. Patrick’s day and after my work day (yes, I now work in Beijing), I went to another all-universities event at the Molly Malone bar on the ground floor of the Legendale Hotel. Although the event was hosted by Boston Colleges, I was invited by the Stanford alum community’s organizer. I met many interesting people… such as a Beida history professor and the director of the IPTV business, Umiwi.com.

Tomorrow’s a friend’s birthday and Saturday I have a hutong tour followed by dinner with some friends and this Sunday my home is hosting a party for my kungfu class.

There are many ideas roaming around this town….my head and thoughts are in a mess! I hope I have time to arrange them sometime soon! 🙂

Cheers to serendipity!

creating and abandonning so many different blogs under different names.
I’m considering I should just congregate all my activities to this blog, so look out!

Location: Beijing, China

Hello friends!

I have been gone on vacation for the Chinese New Years in Jiangsu Province and haven’t had time to re-connect with MeiThoughts since my return last week. Here I am again!

My Chinese New Year this year was a foggy mixture of back-to-back dining, reunions, “ya shui qian” and fireworks. This year of the rabbit has been quite a treat for me since I met 40 more members of the Mei clan who I had mostly not met before. Who’d ever guess that my ancestors were descendants of Mei Wen Ding, the reknown Chinese astronomer and math instructor of Emperor Kangxi? I have returned with some artifacts/ancient photos and been sent on a mission to reconnect history with the present.

The elders have been the main seekers of this past… which leads me to ask you all a very curious question: Why do you think our backgrounds hold such importance for some of us?


Mei elders examining an old photograph together